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    Datapages Exploration Objects
    from AAPG Datapages

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    The powerful, low-cost tool
    that can save you hundreds of dollars
    on every map, cross-section
    and seismic line you use.

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    Every map in the AAPG Archives since 1989.
    Geo-rectified. GIS ready. And growing.

    All at your fingertips.

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    New: 10,000 seismic lines.
    Upgraded Interface.

    Twice the coverage of Mexico.

What is DEO?

Newly upgraded, Datapages Exploration Objects™ – DEO – is the high-powered, low-cost search-and-retrieval tool built by petroleum geologists for petroleum geologists.

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Why DEO?

DEO can save you money on every map, section and seismic line you use. It can make any explorationist's organization more competitive and more profitable. 

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Test Drive

DEO is amazingly powerful, lightning fast, and incredibly easy to use – on any computer, with no software to install. See for yourself. Schedule your FREE personal demo! 

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Learn More

Explore the unique features and benefits of DEO. Check out our complete step-by-step User Guide – newly updated for DEO 2.0. Or sign up for your FREE Webinar or Test Drive! 

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