Why DEO?

Datapages Exploration Objects™ gives you the ability to find the maps, tables, cross-sections, and other exploration objects you need – faster and more easily than ever before, geo-rectified and GIS-ready.

Illustration of how maps and other objects are extracted from publications.Next-Generation Search & Retrieval.

Suppose, for example, you need to evaluate opportunities in North America’s Williston Basin. The old approach: search published articles to find the maps and other exploration objects you need; extract those objects and, then, convert them to the format required for use in your GIS system – and in your reporting.

DEO shortens that process from hours or days to minutes – and gives you the power to bring analysis and evaluation to whole new levels of comprehensiveness and granularity.

Created by petroleum geologists for petroleum geologists, DEO mines a deep index of more than half a million articles published by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and a continually growing list of content partners – now including over 55 petroleum geology organizations – captured in the vast, electronic AAPG Datapages Archives.

Search by text or by “drawing” on the interactive DEO background map. Then, fine-tune your search in minutes – and select the objects you need. Each image is geo-rectified – so converting to a GIS information layer is quick and easy.

With DEO, you have direct access to more than 385,000 captioned figures, 67,000 tables, and every map in the Archives since 1989 – with no committee of authors or editors deciding what they think will be useful to you and your organization.

The result? Better-informed decision-making with less delay. And major savings in labor, time, and dollars– hundreds of dollars, on average, for every map, cross-section and seismic line you use.

Bottom line: DEO can make any organization involved in oil and gas  exploration more competitive – and more profitable.

DEO Benefits

  • Major savings in time and labor costs.
  • Exclusive content: available only from AAPG Datapages.
  • Faster, easier, more powerful search and retrieval.
  • Evaluate opportunities at new levels of comprehensiveness and granularity.
  • Direct access: deep index of Datapages Archives. Continuously growing; continuously updated.
  • Intuitive, flexible, user-friendly interface. Search by text or by “drawing” on the interactive DEO map.
  • Drill down to items you need – via quick and easy filtering of search results.
  • Context info – caption info, author, publication, etc. – delivered with objects.
  • Evaluate any object in its full, original context. With DEO, the article that is the object’s original source is always only a mouse-click away.
  • Live overlays: examine objects as stacked overlays on the interactive DEO background map – to “preview” composited data before downloading the objects you select.
  • Delivered GIS-ready. With DEO, each object is geo-rectified (assigned lat./long. values), manually classified as to image quality and legibility, and delivered in industry-standard GIS format with complete GIS support files for fast, easy import into GIS and conversion to GIS information layers.
  • Quality: assured. All maps are manually assessed and classified by AAPG experts as to locational accuracy and readability – with metadata enriched to remove search obstacles: spelling and nomenclature variance, missing information, errors, etc.
  • Access from any computer – anywhere: PC, Mac, Linux, with access via the Internet. No software installation required!
  • Multiple advanced delivery options. Access DEO via ArcGIS or Geoportal. Local installation of the DEO index – regularly updated. For local access control, reduced Internet traffic and total integration with your GIS.
And more.We’ll work with you to tailor DEO to your corporate needs and IT requirements.
  • Subscription levels tailored to the size and type of your organization.
  • Unlimited access to all AAPG Datapages content - included with DEO subscripton.

  • Great ROI: Highly competitive pricing.


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