Content Partnership

Does your organization publish materials used by petroleum geologists?

Consider an alliance with AAPG Datapages. For specifics on the potential benefits for your organization, please contact Datapages Representative Vesna Vokins:

AAPG Datapages, a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, was created to archive and publish digital content of value to petroleum geologists ­– and to make such content easily available to professionals, students and others with an interest in petroleum geology, worldwide.

We make content available for purchase in a variety of ways:

  • CD/DVD
  • Digital Downloads
Internet Archives access – subscription and pay-per-view
Datapages Exploration Objects™: maps, cross-sections, seismic lines and other objects extracted from archived publications, geo-referenced and formatted for GIS – available for download on a subscription basis. DEO also gives customers links to source articles, which can also be downloaded by subscribers.

To better serve our customers, we are continuously expanding the content we make available. And we welcome opportunities to enhance our offerings through win/win alliances with other organizations.

Benefits for our Content Partners

  • Revenue. As a Content Partner, you receive royalties from all purchases of your content from AAPG Datapages. This includes a proportionate share of subscription revenues, as well as royalties from CD/DVD and pay-per-view sales. In most content partner agreements, we can offer guaranteed minimum quarterly payments to partner organizations.
  • Marketing. AAPG Datapages will market your content to audiences around the world. Your Content Partnership with AAPG Datapages will allow you to offer your customers the convenience of additional access channels.
  • Full Technical Support. As needed, AAPG Datapages will digitize, geo-rectify and format your content for GIS  as part of our archiving process.
  • Ownership Retention. You retain copyright ownership of your content – with full accreditation whenever your content is used.
  • Brand Enhancement. Wider distribution of your content, fully accredited to your organization, means increased recognition among petroleum geologists and those interested in petroleum geology worldwide – in company with some of the best-known and most highly respected organizations in the field.
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